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Texas Horn Chair
At the turn of the century, a horn chair was a highly prized and popluar fixture in the Texas frontier home. The style spread across the Western half of the country and continued through the height of the "Cowboy" and lodge motif if the 1930-50's. Today, we are proud to have one of the few makers of horn furniture supplying us with his work. Crafting chairs for over thirty years, Mario constructs each one uniquely matching horn with hide. Built with strong artistic sense and Texas pride, each one is a real "work of art"!!!
Horn Chair w/ pillow rack #HCP $695
Horn Settee w/ pillow rack #HSP $995
Bench #HB $395
Ottoman #HO $225
Footstool #HF $89

Mesquite Deacon's Bench

Carver, Robert,Lerma, takes great pride in selecting only the finest mesquite he can find on his ranch and turning it into this magnificent butcher block. It will take all the carving you may have, and all the compliments you get as it stays "planted" in your kitchen (it IS heavy!!). A legacy in wood! Top: 23" x 27.5". 3ft tall.

*SSFC #BMBB $1595


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True Texas ranch barbed wire

True Texas ranch barbed wire

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