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Texas True Montgomery


Cowboy Accents

Oversized Juniper Chair


Oversized chair handcrafted by a Texas artist - Made entirely of Juniper!

This beautiful and unique piece comes with your choice of finishing fabric for the cushion section and makes a perfect addition to any rustic decor.

Texas Bar Sets



Cowboy/Cowgirl Sidepiece


This is a Texas True original design!
Each one we do is slightly different,so you get a unique piece that looks great in any western home.

Handcrafted and handpainted in Tyler, TX in our Texas True workshop, these pieces are just for you!


Mesquite Furniture

Antler Benches - Coffee Table

Handcrafted Wooden Accents

Texas Twin Table
The ultimate ranch or Texas room table! On a pedestal of limbed cedar trunk, the game top is hand-finished with felt top and compartments for drinks and chips. When the game is over, the "hands" place the solid cedar top in place and get ready for a chili dinner. The table comes with 4 chairs constructed of cedar limbs and smooth finished plank seats. Chairs: 21"w x 38"h.
Table: 57"w x 8"d x 32.5"h. (Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.)

*SSFC Set: table with second top & 4 chairs.

Juniper Gun Cabinet and Sofa


Unique and Beautiful Lamp and Bronze Sculpture







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Made Right Here in the Lone Star State!

True Texas ranch barbed wire

True Texas ranch barbed wire

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