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Texas True's "Galloping Horse" Bed

Mesquite Benches

Our "Rodeo Round Up" Six - Drawer Dresser

The Ultimate Texas Cowboy Chest!

Jeans' exclusive design is made to last as well for its artistic flavor. Hand constructed of birch, the chest is finished in and out; each drawer, with roller girdle for smooth handlin', has a unique iron pull and background decoration. Hide diamonds on the side and leather corners are studded with vintage-look nailheads. Truly a piece to start its own history!

26.5"w x 21.5"d x 4'7"h *SSFC #TWC-G $1295

Lone Star Captain's Bed

Hand Carved Texas Pine Furniture


Beds for Buckaroos

Mesquite Bookcases

The Ranger Bed


The "star" of your bedroom, this queen-size bed looms mightily in rust-finished (sealed) iron: headboard is 6-foot high and the footboard 4-foot. A composite of plow disc and a forged star, cut and blacksmithed to form this symbol of our state Ranger Star. For the added touch: starred feet!

*SSFC #OFRB-Q $1195

Texas Bed

Marc Bolton was inspired to create this bed when he collected the old wood from a fallen barn nearby. With old vintage horse hames and his own iron creations: Texas scene, stars, and galloping horse. Just snuggle under your own grandmother's quilt and let you dreams run away with the night. (Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery)


Twin $1950
Queen $2500
Full $2250
King $2700

"Texas Lone Star" Bed

Texas Nightstands

Hand Carved Texas Pine Furniture




True Texas ranch barbed wire

Made Right Here in the Lone Star State!

True Texas ranch barbed wire

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