Teresa on her unique horn hide chair visiting her true Texas longhorn friends.

I had this thought: with all the craftsmen, artists, and creative individuals that I have met since we came to Texas in 1982, wouldn't it be great to put them all together and reflect what I have come to appreciate as the "Spirit of Texas? " So, I collected names and numbers and when the opportunity opened itself, I just jumped "onto" it, at full run, never giving a backward glance.

Our red rodeo room complete with Texas flag pillows, cowboy boot rocker and western furniture

Those whose work I had admired I found, and then I went hunting: to markets, fairs, festivals, and hollows, searching for only those to which my inner sense responded. I had a focus, a criteria, if you will. I wanted individuals who had an artistic sense, an intensity about what they made. I wanted studios or small shops with hands-on craftsmen, and each item had to be made right here in this varied and vast expanse of ours.

People with a passion, creating with pride, in this place we call home: TEXAS!

There are many talented people to be found, but I truly think I have gathered some of the very best: an eclectic group making wonderfully unique pieces. And as I take stock, I realize that most are indeed true Texans. The rest of us, we're "Texan" by choice!

As passionate as I was in creating TEXAS TRUE & my catalog: photographing, writing, laying-out, editing, and putting it all in one piece, it has been great to watch all these artists appreciate one another's work.

And together they become: "TEXAS TRUE !"

So, open and behold TEXAS: where tradition and history carry on even in today's work; where the West still has a place in the décor and lifestyle of our homes; where the cowboy, his trusty horse, and our symbol, the longhorn, still stand tall.

For a piece or an entire room, you'll find just what your searchin' for… at TEXAS TRUE!


True Texas ranch barbed wire

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True Texas ranch barbed wire

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Texas True is a member of the Texas Department of Agriculture "GO TEXAN" program and has been since our beginning. This program promotes Texas agricultural products - livestock, food, wine, horticulture, and fiber. We were proudly awarded a matching Partner Grant in the Fall 2008.

Texas True as a producing member utilizes Texas-grown woods and fiber products in making one-of-a-kind pieces and our original items in our own in-house workshop. As a retailer Texas True carries and features fellow "GO TEXAN" member/producers from all around the state, both in wood products and the food industry.

Go Texan associate member, supporting hand-crafted native-grown products


Made Right Here in the Lone Star State!

True Texas ranch barbed wire

True Texas ranch barbed wire

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